Gil Rio

Improve Your Dating and Relationships

Gil Rio - Improve Your Dating and Relationships


May 21 2014, 7-9 pm

(seminar held in Dowtown LA; exact location

will be provided to attendees)



The Los Angeles Seminar

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with Love Systems instructors

Gil Rio and Darwin

Hear how 3 average-looking guys manage to pick up models, dancers and all kinds of beautiful girls – free of charge!!!



Get a free gift just for attending! A 1h audio by Gil Rio and Darwin themselves on the numberivs day game 1 mistake guys make with women and how to fix it. This audio normally goes for $40 and you get it for FREE just for coming to the seminar. That’s a $40 value, 100% free. So don’t wait, register NOW!

At this event, you will learn how to:

  • Approach an intimidating hottie anywhere. Your friends will be stunned;

Gil Rio

  • Use humor. Become the charismatic stranger she dreams about;
  • Start natural, engaging conversations ANYWHERE;
  • No routines; No lines!! Organic attraction at your finger-tips;

and much, much more!



  • Meet Gil Rio, one of Love Systems’ top 5 instructors world-wide

Gil was a self-described nerd who at the age of 30 had only dated a handful of girls. After finding Love Systems his life did a 180. He has dated models, actresses, dancers, singers and reality stars. He now travels the world teaching guys how to achieve the dating lives of their dreams. He has worked with students from 5 different continents, in 3 languages. After only two years teaching with Love Systems, he has become one of the most requested and highest rated dating coaches in the company.


  • Meet Darwin, creator of the revolutionary Mastermind  program

A professional scientist, Darwin set out to understand romantic interactions and get this part of his life handled. In the last couple years, he has taught hundreds of students on dozens of bootcamps. His striking ability and teaching skills are legendary. In 2013 he created the Love Systems Mastermind program, which has revolutionized the way dating science is taught. He currently heads Mastermind in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix.



For NO CHARGE (!!!!), you get:

  • 2 Hours of pure content
  • cutting-edge dating advice from 3 world-class experts in dating science
  • a FREE 1h audio by Gil Rio and Darwin themselves on the #1 mistake men make with women and how to fix it

All of that, for NO CHARGE!!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from the world’s best dating company!



Read what some former students said about Gil Rio and Darwin:


“Rio showed me how to be in flow. He combines a natural feel for humor and banter with a scientific knowledge of social dynamics. The combination is bulletproof. More importantly, he showed me that it’s learnable.”
 Mike, Los Angeles


“I spent a lot of time with Darwin on the 2nd night and the guy is absolutely hilarious and it was an eye opener to watch how easily he can get girls laughing and having a good time. At the end of the night when we got the two girls we were talking to to give us a ride back to our hotel I felt like on of Michael Jordan’s teammates while watching him work his magic with a girl in the backseat.”

 Victor, Los Angeles


“I highly recommend taking advantage of the next seminar. It will familiarize you with new concepts if you are a beginner, or help tweak your game if you are advanced and/or have already taken a bootcamp. I prefer the seminars to the books and audios, and they compare to what you would learn in the classroom at a bootcamp.

– Chris, New York


“I was talking to 4 girls and it was a lot for me to handle so Gil Rio came in to help. WOW… words are not enough to describe what I witnessed in the following minutes. […] I was blown away by how far you can go physically with a girl.”
– Enrique, Mexico City


“Aside from being hilarious, Darwin is a master of physical escalation. He had me open a two set of girls by myself, but then later joined and engaged one of the girls while I talked to the other. Within 5 minutes, he was literally picking the girl up off the ground, spinning her around, and she was laughing hysterically! It really opened my eyes to how fast you can escalate if done properly.”

– Sam, San Francisco



“I never thought I would see someone kiss a girl in less than a minute, from a cold approach, early in the night, while she is completely sober and her friends are pulling her away. But Gil did it, and he made it look easy.

– Mark, San Francisco


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